Medical Assisting Student Highlight – Megan Sturm

Megan SturmMedical Assisting student Megan Sturm knew that WVJC- Bridgeport was the right choice for her as soon as she stepped into the school. She instantly felt comfortable and welcomed.

She knew the Medical Assisting program was a good fit because she has always had the utmost respect for people in the medical field. She loves to help others and enjoys the hands on interaction and the feeling of making a difference.

When asked about her favorite part of attending WVJC, Sturm replied, “I love that everyone is always there whenever you need something, whether it’s to talk, vent, cry, or laugh.  It’s amazing to walk down the hallways and see how proud the school is of their graduates. It’s a huge motivation for me.”

Not only is Sturm a student at WVJC- Bridgeport, she also holds a part-time job at Kroger, was recently chosen to be a college work study, and is a mother.  “My daughter is my motivation to achieve my goals,” said Sturm.  She also names her grandma and her boyfriend, Brian, as big supporters.

Sturm takes pride in immersing herself in school activities and functions.  Being there for new students and letting them know about the amazing decision they have made to attend college helps her stay grounded, and makes her feel like she is making a difference in the lives of others.  “I would love for anyone that is thinking about furthering their education to know that this is a wonderful school, and will make a huge difference in their lives.”

“I would like to thank anyone who has been there for me, and motivated me to make a positive change in my life.  I want to thank my family for being there and the entire faculty and staff at WVJC- Bridgeport for making me feel welcomed at school, and for helping me with whatever it is I am going through.  Most of all, I want to thank God, for without Him being in my life, I doubt I would have made these great changes.”

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