Medical Assisting Student Highlight-Stephanie Fultineer

Stephanie FultineerStephanie Fultineer is just beginning her education at West Virginia Junior College Bridgeport. She found her home at WVJC after speaking with our admission representative Chasity Duarte. She said that Chasity didn’t give up on her and pushed her to make a commitment to get her degree and earn a great career.

Before Stephanie made the choice to attend WVJC she was a stay at home mom. She has four children ranging in ages from twelve years to eight weeks. She certainly has her hands full but she says they are her pride and joy and her motivation to keep going.

Stephanie made the choice to attend WVJC because it has a good reputation, is conveniently located in her hometown, and is close to her job at Walmart. (She began working at Walmart when she started school.) She chose the Medical Assisting program as a stepping stone to her future goals of being either a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. She enjoys the medical field and looks forward to beginning a career. Her ultimate goal is to work in the Emergency Room in Obstetrics or Gynecology.

She enjoys WVJC because of her flexible schedule and the great staff. “Everyone is nice and works to make sure you succeed!” she says. Her favorite class is Medical Terminology. “You learn so many things about the body. It’s fascinating!” she says.

Stephanie’s idea of a perfect day is being caught up on her homework and spending time with her family. She is excited to be committed to an education program and can’t wait to move forward. Her ideal job after graduation is at WVU Medicine working in ER. As a mother of four, a fast paced environment has always been a part of her day to day life and she doesn’t want her career to be any different. She says she wants a “busy, unexpected, and challenging” career. In the next five years, Stephanie hopes to be a nurse. She says, “Most of all, I want my children and husband to see me as a mom and wife that cares so much for my family that I was willing to make sacrifices to get us where we are and to allow us to spend time together in a more stress free and fun way. I want to show my children that if you want something badly enough in life, don’t ever give up. Keep trying!”

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