Mon Health Mass Casualty Simulation

Preparing for the Unthinkable: Inside a Realistic Mass Casualty Simulation

Step into the action with us as we delve into our recent mass casualty simulation with the Mon Health cohort! Taking place on May 3, 2024, this event was no ordinary exercise – it was a thrilling test of our students’ triage skills in a realistic, high-stress environment.

During the simulation, WVJC students bravely navigated through a designated building, encountering multiple patients with varying degrees of trauma. From high-fidelity mannequins to live ‘victims,’ including our own staff members, they faced a diverse array of scenarios to assess and manage.

This simulation wasn’t just about applying textbook knowledge; it was a chance for our students to implement their training. From conducting patient evaluations to providing comfort and ensuring safety, they were tasked with handling it all while maintaining their composure under pressure.

Our dedicated staff members played a crucial role in creating these immersive learning experiences. By participating, they provided invaluable real-world insights that enriched our students’ education!

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Mon Health Mass Casualty Simulation