Natalie Menough – Graduate Highlight

Meet Healthcare Administration Graduate Natalie Menough

Before attending West Virginia Junior College (WVJC), Natalie Menough started taking Business Administration courses at a college in California that was accommodating to the adult working community. She completed three courses before her workload and juggling family life became too much. 

Natalie Menough - Graduate HighlightNatalie has been a division manager working in the telecommunications industry for the last ten years. The company she worked for had her involved in an emerging leadership program, and attending that inspired her to want more for her future, including education. Initially, Natalie learned about our sister college, East Ohio College. She learned about the Nursing program through a local Youngstown radio station commercial. 

Natalie tried to get into the Nursing program but unfortunately didn’t pass the TEAS entrance exam. Not knowing her future, Natalie pivoted to WVJC Online and enrolled in the Healthcare Administration program to move her career path into healthcare. 

Natalie’s current career is in management and leadership. She felt that adding healthcare administration would allow her access to a variety of career opportunities and growth that were more aligned with her passion and what she felt she was made to do, which is to care for and serve others. 

Natalie’s favorite part about attending WVJC Online was the flexibility. Taking online courses worked around her having a full-time job, being a parent, and continuing to enjoy her life. It does take time and commitment, but it can be managed. 

Natalie has many favorite teachers and classes during her time at WVJC. She was captivated by law and ethics; this course was tough but quickly made her realize the importance of laws, rules, guidelines, policy, and ethics. What we do and why we do it speaks volumes to Natalie; she lives her life every day to make sure people have confidence and believe in her. Natalie’s English Comp and Research and Writing courses were vital to her success. Being out of the classroom for so long, she needed the general education courses as they helped her build and level up her knowledge. Natalie’s administrator was her biggest cheerleader for 18 months, and now she is my friend. Thank you, Dr. Kacey Eagle! 

Natalie recently passed the TEAS exam and is attending the residential Nursing program at East Ohio College in East Liverpool starting September 2024. She attributed her successful TEAS scores to the education she received through her coursework at WVJC Online. The preparation experience from East Ohio College and their admissions team, as well as her two tutors, Jenna and Jaxon (my kids), were big motivators and helped to keep her focused. 

Natalie had an interesting answer when asked what she would like to see herself doing in five years. Four years ago, Natalie divorced after being married for 26 years. This question is different for her now. Currently, she is working in a financial department in a hospital. Her goals are to have the flexibility to focus on nursing school for the next 18 months, work in her career as an RN, and study work to bridge to a BSN. Then, work hard and play even harder. Love her family, love her friends, and enjoy her best life!! 

Natalie shares her WVJC journey on social media all the time. She has also shared about her nursing journey, and when one of her local colleges started to have challenges and students needed to transfer credits, she reached out to her niece and suggested the East Ohio College Nursing program. She reached out to the EOC admissions team, took the TEAS, passed the test, and was accepted into the program. They will be in the same EOC nursing program starting in September. 

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