Nathaniel Tichinel – Student Highlight

Nathaniel Tichinel graduated from Doddridge County High School in May 2019. He was the recipient of the prestigious Stephen A. Callen Scholarship in the amount of $10,000.  He enrolled in the Network Administration/Security degree program in June 2019. Nathaniel says he is very happy with his decision to pursue his degree with WVJC Bridgeport because of the small class sizes that allow for more communication between the teachers and the students, which creates a feeling of belonging.

BPORT Nathaniel Tichinel | WVJC

Nathaniel grew up working with and on computers. He was always very confident that his future career would involve computer technology in some way. The Network Administration/Security program at WVJC is preparing him for computer troubleshooting and network structuring, as well as system security maintenance. Nathaniel enjoys his classes so far and has even been able to build his own computer. One of his favorite things to do is relax in the library during his free time where he can study or even chat with his classmates.

One of Nathaniel’s favorite teachers is Mr. Cutright, who teaches many general education classes at WVJC. Nathaniel says that Mr. Cutright has a teaching style that keeps his attention and makes it easier for him to retain the more complex content from his classes. The teaching style of Mr. Cutright has also helped Nathaniel in his other classes because he has learned how to study more effectively and retain information.

Nathaniel’s teachers all enjoy having him in classes and say that he is one of the most responsible and diligent students they have ever had. His ability to work with others and independently on projects allows him to succeed in any situation.

Nathaniel is not sure where his “dream job” after graduation will be yet. He won’t graduate until December 2020, but he does know that he is learning the skills that will open the doors to many opportunities when that time comes. Five years from now, Nathaniel would like to be able to own his own home and thinks he might like to explore options of living in a different state to spread his wings a bit.

Nathaniel highly recommends others his age attend WVJC because he feels they are able to earn a great education in a shorter time than other colleges, which saves money in tuition costs. He is grateful for his scholarship and knows that helped make his educational goals even more affordable.

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