Online Medical Office Administration Program

Ohio Students Can Now Utilize Our Online Medical Office Administration Program

Students residing in Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown or other areas of northern Ohio can begin their careers in healthcare by applying for our online medical office administration program.

As a medical administrator, you would work closely with a physician by assisting them with many office tasks. By earning your career in this field, you’d be giving yourself the opportunity to work within a hospital or other medical facility. Additionally, you’d be a valuable asset for patients, nurses and doctors.

A Fulfilling Career in Healthcare Administration is Waiting for You

Day-to-day, a medical office administrator may be expected to perform many tasks, making this a rewarding but multifaceted career. Because of this, our online program offered in Ohio will teach you the fundamentals of many skills, some of which include:

  • Transcribing notes from a doctor
  • Maintaining electronic health records
  • Scheduling appointments for patients
  • Working with medical records
  • Understanding medical terms

Why You Should Choose WVJC Online’s Medical Office Administration Program

We believe it’s important for students interested in a healthcare career to earn their education; however, we also know how busy life can be. That’s why we offer the bulk of our classes online. This allows you to pick your own schedule and to complete your courses on your own time.

Even though our program is online, we stand out from other virtual medical office administration programs because ours also includes an externship. This gives students the chance to interact with actual patients in a facility and have in-person experiences as a medical administrator.

With face-to-face and virtual education, WVJC is proud of our online medical office administration program. Learn more by visiting our program page or contacting us today!

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