Online RN to BSN – Program Highlight

WVJC Online RN to BSN Program Highlight | WVJCAre you a registered nurse with an associate degree, looking to further your education and expand your career opportunities? WVJC Online is excited to begin offering an online RN to BSN program to help nurses reach their full potential! 

Students in this program will earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in 12 months, allowing busy nurses to take classes online while continuing to work in the field. Continue reading to learn how WVJC Online’s upcoming program can be a great fit for your life!

Why Consider Earning Your BSN?

The natural next step for many nurses is to continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing, and WVJC Online’s program makes it convenient for them to complete courses on their own time. Completing an RN to BSN program can provide nurses with expanded job opportunities that can lead to higher salaries. Another benefit of earning a bachelor’s degree is that nurses can grow professionally, allowing them to be eligible for leadership and management positions, specializing in an area of healthcare, and applying their skills in roles outside of the typical hospital setting. 

Why Choose WVJC Online?

WVJC’s Online RN to BSN program is open to both WVJC alums and nurses who graduated from different schools. In addition, registered nursing graduates who attended a WVJC campus or sister school, East Ohio College, are automatically eligible for a $5,000 RN to BSN Pathway scholarship*.

Another unique aspect of WVJC Online’s RN to BSN training is that the program is designed to help address the needs of hospitals and medical facilities. The curriculum also incorporates virtual learning experiences where nurses will practice applying their skills in real-world, rural settings. 

Your Education Experience.

At WVJC Online, we recognize that students are busy and need to balance family, career, and personal life. That’s why we are here to help you at every step of your journey. From the first time you reach out to your graduation day, our team guides you through the process. 

Our online RN to BSN students can expect the same level of service throughout the process. An advantage of choosing to attend WVJC Online is our hassle-free, direct admission enrollment process to enter the RN to BSN program- no need for extensive essays, testing, or interviews. A potential student can work with their admissions team member, apply, speak to a financial aid team member, and enter the program to immediately begin taking online nursing courses that apply to their bachelor’s degree. 

Along with virtual learning and online classes, students in WVJC Online’s RN to BSN program will gain exposure to management experiences through one clinical rotation and a capstone course, which will allow them to apply their nursing leadership skills to a facility of their choice in their area. Additionally, this will enable students to build relationships with the medical facilities in their communities before they graduate. By earning your bachelor’s degree through WVJC Online, you can join an innovative team that strives to bridge the healthcare gap.

How To Get Started.

Take your nursing skills to the next level with WVJC Online’s RN to BSN program. Students can begin enrolling in this exciting new program on May 1, 2023. Seats are expected to fill quickly, so if you are interested in earning your bachelor’s degree from an innovative nursing school, we recommend that you contact our nursing admissions team soon to get started. 

*For those who qualify. See catalog for detailed eligibility requirements.