Professional Dress Tips & Tricks

It is important to be dressed professionally, especially if you are going to an interview or professional function. How you are dressed will be one of the first things employers and professionals notice about you! Here are some tips and tricks for dressing professionally.

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Women should wear dress pants or a skirt passed the knee, paired with a neutral color top or blouse. You could even add a jacket! Men should wear dress pants with a neutral color shirt with a tie. You should always dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.

Always make sure you are well groomed, shower before your interview, make sure your facial hair is nicely groomed, and brush your teeth. Be sure to not wear too much makeup or offensive perfume that may be distracting.

One thing you can do, to make dressing professionally a little easier is to purchase a few things at a time. It does take time to build your wardrobe. Buy things when they are on sale, or a couple neutral pieces that can pair with many things

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