Professionalism – Part 2

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In our last blog, we discussed how professionalism is a key component to any work environment. Specifically, we discussed competence, reliability, honesty, integrity, and respect. These are extremely important in remaining professional in the workplace. Equally as important are compartmentalization and positivity. Today we will discuss these aspects of professionalism, and why they are important in the workplace.

Compartmentalization is important in maintaining a professional persona. By that, we mean that you should do your best to not deal with personal issues in the workplace. It is important to have working relationships with your coworkers. However, as you begin to build these relationships, be aware that these are people you will see every day of your professional life. You do not want to do anything that may inhibit your or your coworker’s ability to work. Maintain positive relationships but be sure that these relationships are contributing to the workplace in a positive way.

Remaining positive is the ultimate test of professionalism in any environment. A positive work environment is a major contributing factor to overall employee satisfaction. No one wants to work with someone who is constantly negative, and constant negativity from employees can negatively impact the overall work environment. For this reason, it is important to stay positive in the work environment. Finding the positive in even the worst situation is a great way to show your employer that you are interested in the overall success of the workplace and that you are willing to take on even the most challenging situations to help the company succeed.

So now that we’ve discussed what it means to be professional in the workplace, how do you attain these skills? WVJC is here to help! At WVJC, students learn their chosen craft, while simultaneously learning how to be professional. In every course our students take, we work on basic skills that prime the students to be professional employees. As if this isn’t enough, we also offer an entire course dedicated to teaching students exclusively about professionalism before they complete their program and enter the workforce. If you’re looking for an institute that will prepare you to enter the workforce in every capacity, WVJC is the place for you!

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