Information Technology – Program Highlight

Content Updated 05/01/2024

Information Technology - Program Highlight

Do you want to know more about the exciting field of information technology, possible career opportunities, and more? If so, keep reading as WVJC breaks down everything you need to know about IT!

What is Information Technology?

According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), information technology is the use of computer systems or devices to access virtual information. Everyone who uses any form of technology, from an individual to a global company, uses information technology. IT plays a crucial role in almost every aspect of our lives by managing online information exchange and security. 

Information technology covers a wide range of activities, including hardware and software development, tech support, cybersecurity, technology repairs, network and server administration, and more. Those in IT positions play a crucial role in maintaining the modern infrastructure of companies, organizations, and individuals. 

As technology evolves, it is essential that IT professionals adapt and innovate continuously to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of the industry. By working in information technology, you could be the front line of defense against cyber attacks or assist with technical issues that arise within the workplace. 

Applying Information Technology Training

The information technology field offers opportunities in many sectors, including business, education, healthcare, communication, entertainment, and government. In today’s virtual world, it is more important than ever for companies to have well-trained IT professionals to protect sensitive information. Some potential roles of an IT professional can include: 


As a network administrator, your primary goal is to manage and maintain the computer networks at your workplace. This could include setting up new devices, monitoring network performance, troubleshooting connectivity issues, implementing security measures, and ensuring quick and seamless data transfers across that network. You will play a vital role in maximizing your network’s safety, efficiency, and reliability to allow the workplace to run smoothly.


As a system administrator, your primary responsibility is updating and maintaining your organization’s computer systems and servers. This mainly involves installing updates to maintain existing software and downloading any new software. System Administrators will play a key role in ensuring the stability, security, and overall functionality of an organization’s tech infrastructure.


Your main goal at an IT help desk is to provide tech support to users within an organization. You will help diagnose and resolve hardware, software, and network issues, set up new devices, and ensure that other employees can use the technology correctly and efficiently. You will play a vital role in troubleshooting and resolving any tech-related issues.


As a support technician, you will assist users within your organization with various issues. You may help users with password resets, two-factor authentication, malware detection, security software installation, and updates. You’ll play a crucial part in ensuring the organization maintains a secure computing environment by addressing security incidents and promoting awareness of potential threats.

These are only a few possible careers for someone who completes IT training. There are career paths within the information technology industry, so if these positions do not interest you, that does not mean IT isn’t for you. Be sure to look at other possible careers for those with IT training.

How WVJC’s IT Program Is Different

The accelerated Information Technology program at WVJC prepares students for successful careers in a wide variety of entry-level technology positions. Our 18-month program equips IT students with skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience that help them stand out in the workforce. During their IT courses, students will cover various beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics, including PC repair and troubleshooting, operating systems, security, server management, networking skills, and more. Then, in the last 12 weeks of the program, students will apply their knowledge to a real-world environment through an externship with a regional employer. 

Along with practical IT skills, students in WVJC’s program will also develop soft skills, including communication, strategic thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and more. The culmination of learning and hands-on application prepares IT grads to enter the workforce with confidence and competence to thrive in their careers.

Additionally, WVJC Morgantown’s Information Technology program students will prepare to sit for certain industry-specific certification exams, including the Cisco Certified Technician (CCT)*, Network+*, A+ Certified Technician*, and Security+*. These certifications can help demonstrate skill and knowledge level, which can be helpful during job searching. 

WVJC Information Technology program graduates will be awarded a Specialized Associate Degree in Occupational Information Technology. 

Start Your Journey In Information Technology at WVJC!

Can you picture yourself working in a career working with technology? The information technology training program at WVJC can help you achieve that goal! Get started today and contact our admissions team by requesting information!

*Certification is contingent upon passing the corresponding certification exam. Required/Included in Tuition/Fees. Morgantown campus only.

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