Racheal Tackett – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration
Student Racheal Tackett!

Racheal Tackett - Student HighlightIn 2006, long before enrolling with WVJC Online, Racheal Tackett attended a technical college in Charleston, South Carolina. She enjoyed her time there but knew her educational journey would not end there. Before deciding to attend WVJC, she worked in a manufacturing plant making hardwood flooring.

Rachel chose WVJC because it seemed like an opportunity that would allow her to continue working full time, spend time with her daughter and husband, and maintain all additional tasks that she needed to complete. She chose her program because she wanted to work in healthcare but in an administrative capacity. Medical Office Administration program was perfect for her career and educational goals.

Rachel’s favorite part about attending WVJC is the online program. As a mother, wife, and full-time employee, WVJC allowed her the flexibility to obtain her degree while still working, which was very important to her. She also likes that WVJC is very student-oriented, and she feels that was apparent from the day she enrolled to graduation. She says that Kacey Eagle is the instructor who interviewed her for her program, and she feels she really connected with her while at WVJC. She has reached out to Kacey multiple times during her program at WVJC and reports that Kacey was always willing to help and was very kind. The courses that Rachel was most excited about were the CPT and ICD-10 coding classes. This information is very much centered around her MOA degree and medical coding degree. She was excited to see how the medical coding system worked.

Rachel’s ideal job after graduation is working remotely. This is a big reason why she chose her program and degree. She wants to be home when her daughter gets out of school and also be able to have that extra time with her family. In five years, she wants to have her bachelor’s in Health Informatics. Her goal is to work in healthcare administration or clinical data analytics. She is hoping to be still able to work remotely, but she would not mind working in person at a company.

Rachel says that she would definitely refer a friend to WVJC. Most of her friends are moms who work and have busy lives. She feels that WVJC offers people like her the opportunity to go to school without having to go to a campus. She would advise someone looking to start school at WVJC to reach out to their instructors if they need help with anything because the instructors are happy to help. She would also tell them that she understands starting college is a little intimidating, but they are really going to enjoy their time at WVJC.

Rachel says that her time at WVJC not only gave her a degree but also prepared her for her future. From how to dress and conduct herself at an interview to how to build her resume, she feels that WVJC prepared her tremendously for her future endeavors. Her favorite memory with WVJC is the anticipation she felt every time she started a new class that she was excited to take.

Rachel was born and raised on Long Island, NY. An interesting fact about her hometown is that Albert Einstein frequently visited. He personally knew another local family that lived in her town and owned a shop there; Albert Einstein’s picture with that family was hung proudly in their shop. Helen Keller also owned a home in the town she grew up in, and she spent her final years in that home on what is called Cedar Beach. Rachel loves doing arts and crafts with her daughter in her free time. She loves drawing, reading, taking walks, and period-piece movies and TV shows. She has a family tradition with her husband and daughter where they play as much mini golf as they can during the summer. They have been doing this since her daughter was little, and she loves it. She also enjoys anything related to history, especially the history of colonial America and Europe.

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