Rachel Hamrick – Faculty Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Program Director Rachel Hamrick

Rachel Hamrick - Faculty HighlightMrs. Rachel Hamrick’s educational journey commenced at Liberty High School, where she matriculated until her graduation year in 2012. Eager to further her education and pursue her passion for dentistry, she wasted no time and promptly enrolled at West Virginia Junior College. This marked the start of her remarkable odyssey in the dental assisting world.

Upon her arrival at WVJC, she embarked on a journey through the Dental Assisting program. The year 2013 witnessed the culmination of her efforts as she proudly graduated from the program at the WVJC Bridgeport Campus. This momentous achievement served as the foundation upon which she would build her career in the dental field.

Fast forward to the present day, and she finds herself with a decade of experience as a dedicated dental assistant. Her commitment to excellence in this field led her to embrace new challenges and assume the pivotal role of lead dental assistant at Aspen Dental in March 2019. In this leadership position, she was privileged to train and mentor fellow dental assistants, sharing her knowledge and expertise to enhance their collective skills. Her dedication and hard work did not go unnoticed. November 2019 brought her both personal and professional pride when she was honored with the Employee and Dental Assistant of the Year awards from Aspen Dental. These accolades were a testament to her passion and commitment to her work.

She is privileged to serve as the Dental Assisting Program Director at WVJC’s Bridgeport campus. In this role, she can continue her love for dentistry and fulfill her innate desire to teach and inspire the next generation of dental professionals. It is a role she embraces with enthusiasm, as it allows her to impart the knowledge she has accumulated over the years and shape the future of dental assisting. Throughout her journey, one constant has been her unwavering passion for dentistry. This field has captivated her heart and mind, driving her to excel and strive for continuous improvement. She firmly believes in the importance of sharing knowledge and empowering others with the skills necessary to succeed in this rewarding profession.

In her personal life, her greatest source of motivation and pride are her three wonderful children: an 8-year-old son, a 3-year-old son, and an almost 2-year-old daughter. They have always been her driving force, inspiring her to lead by example and demonstrate that one can achieve anything with determination and hard work. She is deeply proud of her role as a parent, and her family remains the cornerstone of her life.

Looking ahead, her long-term career aspirations align with her passion for education. She aspires to continue serving as a dental assisting instructor, nurturing the growth of aspiring professionals while continually evolving as an educator. The pursuit of excellence in education will remain at the forefront of her professional journey.

Outside of work, she devotes her time to being a supportive parent. She chauffeurs her oldest son to his various sporting events, with her youngest two children gleefully tagging along. Beyond the realm of parenthood, her most cherished hobby is her daily visits to the gym. Working out has become an integral part of her life, allowing her to recharge and maintain her physical and mental well-being.

In conclusion, her educational journey, professional accomplishments, and personal life are intertwined to form a narrative of dedication, passion, and constant growth. She is a dental assistant, an educator, a parent, and a fitness enthusiast, all driven by the belief that anything can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a genuine love for what she does. With her family as her anchor and her career as her canvas, she looks forward to the future with optimism and a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world of dental assisting and education.

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