Renee Savage – Student Highlight

Renee Savage – Clinical Medical Assistant Graduate Highlight

Renee Savage | WVJC

WVJC Online was Renee Savage’s first college experience. Before starting the Clinical Medical Assistant degree program, she worked as a CNA at a nursing home. She needed the flexibility that WVJC Online offers because she had other responsibilities in life, as many students do.

Renee wants to become an RN in the future, and she saw WVJC’s Clinical Medical Assistant program as a great way to start that career. “My dream is to become an RN someday,” she said when talking about her future plans. West Virginia Junior College allowed her to get her associate’s degree while being a mother and working full time. This flexibility is crucial for students looking to get their degrees or change their career paths.

Renee’s favorite teacher while at WVJC was Carrie Friend. Carrie was her instructor for her clinicals which she loved and looked forward to every weekend when they were scheduled. Carrie was a fantastic instructor because she delivered the material efficiently and clearly while keeping the stress out of the classroom. She knew when to crack and joke and ensured the students knew she was there to help them anytime they needed help.

Renee plans to look for a medical assistant job and eventually move into an RN program so she can keep pursuing her degree.

Renee said she would refer a friend to West Virginia Junior College because “the teachers are amazing and always there to help. Also, I learned more useful things at WVJC than at other colleges that I have heard about. They focus on what is important to your success.”

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