Robert Anderson – Staff Highlight

Meet IT Technician Robert Anderson!

Robert Anderson - Staff HighlightRobert Anderson graduated from Preston High School in 2021 and was a CTE completer in Information Technology. He graduated from the WVJC Morgantown campus on February 12, 2023, with his Specialized Associate Degree in Information Technology. Before his college experience, he repaired computers for his family and friends.

During his time at WVJC, he was given the opportunity to do federal work-study, where he worked in the IT department with Robin Addis as his supervisor. He learned skills such as computer troubleshooting and repair, antivirus reports, and assisting in the computer hardware class. He is currently employed as an IT technician at the Morgantown campus of WVJC. His job responsibilities include computer repair and troubleshooting for WVJC employees and students. He also helps with networking setup, server management, database reports, and maintaining company inventory. Robert really enjoyed working at WVJC during his time as a student in the federal work-study. He also did his externship at the WVJC Morgantown campus. His instructor at WVJC was Robin Addis, and he has learned a lot about IT because of her.

Robert’s favorite part about working for WVJC is assisting with the IT classes on campus. He has helped in the Hardware, Networking, and Server classes so far. Another of his favorite parts of working for WVJC is getting to meet the other employees when he is troubleshooting computer issues. Robert’s greatest motivation would probably have to be his girlfriend, Nicole. “We have been dating for several years, and we dream of having a life together someday,” said Robert. He knew if he were ever going to afford a house or have a family, he would need to go to college and get a good job. He wanted to find a job doing something that he really enjoyed and is passionate about, and he has found that calling in the Information Technology field.

The accomplishment he is most proud of is learning how to create code batch files to use on multiple computers. He researched and taught himself the code and modified it for each task needed. It has increased their productivity and made installing software much more manageable. Robert would like to further his education in Information Technology and continue to learn code. Another one of his goals is to start his own computer repair business. Where he used to live, if you broke your computer, the only option was to buy another one because there was no one nearby to fix it.

Not many people know that Robert enjoys traveling and seeing new places. His bucket list was to visit every state before he graduated, and he came close to reaching that goal. Over the years, he and his family have managed to travel to every state except Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota. One of his favorite places would have to be Area 51 in Nevada. “Obviously, you can’t get too close, but there is an old building nearby that has a gift shop with Area 51 merchandise, little green aliens throughout the place, and a restaurant with great food,” said Robert. In his spare time, Robert enjoys playing video games. He also enjoys collecting old video games and old systems, such as the Nintendo 64 and the Sony PlayStation. One of his favorite old video games is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask because there is so much to explore and many different kinds of enemies to fight.

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