Stephanie Charnoplosky – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration Student
Stephanie Charnoplosky

Stephanie Charnoplosky - Student HighlightStephanie Charnoplosky’s journey in higher education took a turn when she attended another university from 2006 to 2007. She felt like just another face in the crowd, a mere number in a sea of students. It was an experience that left her wanting something more. Fast forward to the present, and Stephanie finds herself at West Virginia Junior College, where she has found an entirely different educational experience.

In 2015, Stephanie’s life took a significant turn as she embraced motherhood and decided to dedicate herself to being a homemaker. Her children became her top priority, and she needed an educational institution to accommodate her current lifestyle. In this regard, WVJC proved to be a perfect fit. Stephanie shares that WVJC provided her with flexible options, enabling her to pursue her education while actively participating in her family’s life.

Currently, Stephanie is enrolled in the Medical Office Administration program, a choice she made for several compelling reasons. Job security and the opportunity to hold a position she could take pride in were at the top of her list. The medical field, she rightly notes, is a steadfast industry, and the need for administrative professionals in healthcare is not diminishing anytime soon. Stephanie’s career choice promises stability and the chance to set an example for her children by engaging in meaningful work.

Stephanie’s journey at WVJC has been enriching, and she credits the institution for offering a blended learning environment, combining online and in-person classes.

Stephanie holds two beloved instructors close to her heart at WVJC – Ms. Allie Yoho and Ms. Jenna Camden. These two women have left an indelible mark on her academic journey, imparting wisdom in her studies and personal growth. With January 2024 on the horizon, Stephanie eagerly anticipates the commencement of her medical coding classes. She was recently accepted into the online Medical Coding program and looks forward to expanding her knowledge and expertise in this field.

When contemplating her career path, Stephanie envisions her ideal job as one that involves collaborating with a team of dedicated individuals to serve her community within the medical domain. She aspires to find a fulfilling career that allows her to impact those in need positively.

Peering into the future, Stephanie’s perspective is deeply rooted in faith. She believes that her life in five years will unfold according to the path that God has chosen for her. This unwavering trust in a higher purpose guides her life choices.

Reflecting on her WVJC experience, Stephanie wholeheartedly endorses the institution to her friends. She underscores the exceptional quality of instructors at WVJC, emphasizing their genuine concern for students’ well-being and success. Stephanie also credits the college for not only providing her with an education but also for fostering a network of valuable contacts and lifelong friends.

Her parting advice to those considering embarking on their educational journey at WVJC is clear and straightforward: Success in college demands dedication and hard work. WVJC offers resources and support to students, but the students themselves must put in the effort and endurance to achieve their goals. Stephanie’s story is a testament to the transformative power of commitment and the supportive educational environment WVJC provides.