Student Highlight – Jordan Hicks

Information Technology student Jordan Hicks has accomplished more than he anticipated when starting his education at West Virginia Junior College.

Hicks, a Charleston native, found himself at WVJC after a bus ride with his cousin.

“I was riding home with my cousin and he asked me what I was going to do with my life. I said I don’t really any plans and I don’t care,” Hicks explained.

Luckily for him, that was not an answer his cousin was about to accept. That week his cousin gave Hicks’ information to the admissions department. That is where Jordan’s journey began.

Amanda Foster called and invited Hicks to come take a tour of the campus. Hicks admits he was not convinced at first that this was the right choice for him but his mind was made up once he met the staff.

“During my visit I was like, ok this is school and the atmosphere I really liked but then I met the staff. Everyone here is so sincere and want to help students but they are cool at the same time,” Hicks stated.

When it came time to choose a field of study he says it was somewhat difficult. Because of his mother’s pharmacy background Hicks was interested in the Medical Assisting program. It wasn’t until he looked into the IT courses that he truly knew this was in occupational path.

“IT is more logical and exact. It’s challenging and ever growing,” Hicks said with a smile.

Limitless possibilities seem to intrigue him. His future plans are less common than one might think. Hicks’ true passion in life is art. He loves to draw and one day wants to mix his two passions and pursue Graphic Design.

He is currently leaving his options open after his September graduation. Continuing his education at Strayer University is one possibility he is considering.

“Regardless, I am always on the rise. I am young and I will stay dedicated no matter what I am pursuing,” Hicks stated.

The choice to continue his education and obtain a Bachelor’s degree is a continuous lingering thought. However, he also enjoys his down time.

Hicks is an artist, a writer who is currently working on two Japanese Anime books and a rap artist. He insist on continually expanding his mind through reading and loves learning about sociology and psychology.

When asked what the most important thing he has learned in college his answer was poetic, “Everyone has a story, everyone’s story is important and learning from their experiences help you develop yourself.”

Jordan Hicks is set to graduate September 25, 2014.

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