Study Tips: How to Overcome Test Anxiety

We know that preparing for a test can be, at times, overwhelming and a little stressful. Being prepared can really help you overcome the anxiety that often comes with taking a test. Read on as we provide a few study tips!

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1. Create Pre-Tests

  • Matching
  • Fill in blanks
  • Essay/short answer
    • (For in-class short answer and essay questions consider having a blank sheet of scrap paper to jot down ideas before organizing your final answers on the test.)

2. Over Prepare

  • Go above and beyond what you think is necessary to prepare for a test.
  • Write, re-write and write again.
  • Review your notes out loud.

3. Apply a key word in the definition to the term (instead of trying to remember the entire definition)

  • Make connections that make sense to you.
    • For example:  Introspection – the act or process of looking into oneself.
    • introspection + oneself (Now on the test when you are to define or match the term introspection you will remember it has to do with oneself.)

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