Maurice Faulkner – Student Highlight

Maurice Faulkner is a student in the Network Administration/Security program at WVJC Charleston. Maurice picked WVJC because it was local and easily accessible. Maurice was interested in a career that is in high demand and included his love of technology and computers. Having heard the commercials for WVJC, he decided to schedule an appointment to … Read more

United Hospital Center – Externship Site Highlight

Updated Content 06/12/2024 As the demand for skilled healthcare professionals in West Virginia continues to rise, educational institutions are faced with the challenge of providing practical experience to their students. In response, both colleges and employers are seeking innovative ways to bridge the workforce gap. This is where the unique partnership between WVJC Bridgeport and … Read more

University of Charleston – Externship Highlight

With an externship you can work with experts in your field of study as you learn! This isn’t your typical hands-on learning activity in the lab or classroom. You are immersed in a real-world working environment. WVJC has opportunities for students in different program tracks to participate in externships. An externship is a learning opportunity … Read more

Matthew Osborne-Lane – Student Highlight

Do you have hobbies that you’re passionate about? Did you know you can turn your interests into a successful career that you love? Combining hobbies with a career is something Matthew Osborne-Lane knows all about! Matthew has an infectious energy that other students copy, and instructors crave. At WVJC, he is majoring in Network Administration/Security … Read more

Nathaniel Tichinel – Incoming Student Highlight

Nathaniel Tichinel first heard about our WVJC campus in Bridgeport when his older sister was looking into colleges several years ago.  He was only a freshman in high school at that time, but he and his parents knew this would be a great opportunity for him and kept in touch with High School Admissions Representative, … Read more

Ronnie Bland – Student Highlight

Ronnie Bland is enrolled in the NAS program at the WVJC Charleston campus. He graduated from Nitro High school and decided that WVJC was the best fit for him! Ronnie did not want to go to a 4-year college as he was looking for something smaller and wanted to get a degree quickly so he … Read more

Wesley McGee – Student Highlight

Wesley McGee began attending West Virginia Junior College freshly after high school. He is seeking an associate degree in Information Technology. He considered many careers paths in high school but none really fit what he wanted to do. Following his father’s advice, he enrolled in the IT program to give him a good starting point. … Read more

Dawn Riley – Student Highlight

Dawn Riley grew up in Lewis County and graduated from Lewis County High School in 2007.  She has always been interested in computers and could always make them work.  One day, her mom brought home a computer from Goodwill and handed it to Dawn and said, “If you can make this work, it’s yours.”  Dawn … Read more

Brandon Hardman – Student Highlight

Brandon Hardman started attending West Virginia Junior College-Bridgeport in the IT (Information Technology) program in June of 2018. Before attending WVJC, he worked at the Dollar General store in Mount Clare, WV. A few of his favorite things include helping his family, playing video games, spending time at the beach, and he definitely has a … Read more

Information Technology Graduate-Josh Keely

Josh Keely is a recent graduate from West Virginia Junior College Charleston. Before attending WVJC, he was working a full time job and working as a bouncer on the weekends.  Working everyday was extremely exhausting and he was ready for a change! Josh came to WVJC and enrolled in the IT program. He originally thought … Read more