Tyler Dulaney – Student Highlight

Tyler Dulaney e1649971828167 | WVJC

Prior to enrolling at WVJC, Tyler attended dental hygiene and nursing programs at other institutions. It was after a year break from school that he discovered Information technology and the vast opportunities in the field.

Tyler chose to attend WVJC Morgantown for several reasons. “WVJC was the best option because they offered in-demand certifications that would look great on a resume and I’d be able to obtain a degree within a year and a half. I chose WVJC because I knew that I would be able to communicate with my professors more in a smaller classroom environment, and I would be able to finish faster.”

Tyler has many reasons for wanting to attend WVJC and has enjoyed his experience here. “I love most things about WVJC. I really like the practical skills I have been able to obtain from hands-on experience with hardware and software, and I have made friends in the program that will carry on after we are done with the program. Also, the Career Management Department helped me create a resume that was good enough to get a job in the IT field while I was only four months into the program.”

His experience with the program is very similar to that of many of our students. “Robin Addis is my favorite teacher and Program Director I have ever had! Not only has she taught me everything that I need to know about Networking, but she really cares about her students and wants them to see them succeed. The Networking classes are challenging, but I look forward to going into class to complete the labs with my classmates. When we have finished a project, you can tell that everyone feels fulfilled by overcoming the assignments.”

Tyler plans on finding a program to further his education in the field by pursuing a Bachelors’s or Master’s degree in information technology. He hopes to find a job outside of West Virginia so he can explore the country a little bit.

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