Victoria Tichinel – Graduate Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration
Graduate Victoria Tichinel!

WVJC Blog Victoria Tichinel | WVJCBefore enrolling at WVJC Online, Victoria Tichinel had enrolled at an online institution to pursue a four-year degree. She enrolled shortly after high school but did not have the best experience. After that, she began working. “Prior to attending WVJC Online, I was working in manufacturing. While I enjoyed it, I realized it wasn’t something I was passionate about. Victoria said it wasn’t something I could build a career on.”

Ultimately, Victoria chose to attend WVJC Online because she needed the flexibility to take classes online while working. “I chose the Medical Office Administration program because I know what it’s like to care for someone with an illness. My husband is disabled, so I know what it’s like to see a person at their most vulnerable and in need of help. Ultimately, all I want to do is help people,” said Victoria. Her favorite part of attending WVJC Online classes was learning many new things, especially medical coding. “My favorite classes were CPT and ICD-10 Medical Coding classes. At first, I was intimidated by how big the books were, but I ended up enjoying looking them up and learning all the diagnosis and procedure codes,” said Victoria.

Now that Victoria has graduated from WVJC Online, she will leave her manufacturing job to pursue her new career as a Health Unit Coordinator for UPMC! In five years, she would like to continue building her medical career while achieving her goal of becoming debt-free. When asked if she would refer a friend to WVJC Online, Victoria said she absolutely would! “I loved the flexibility to be able to earn a degree online. The way the classes are laid out, I could still work full-time with no interference.”

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