Wheeling Online/Hybrid Nursing – Program Highlight

Introducing WVJC School of Nursing’s New Online/Hybrid Nursing Program in Wheeling!

Do you live in West Virginia’s Northern panhandle and need a nursing program that allows you to earn your degree with some flexibility? Look no further than WVJC School of Nursing’s new Online/Hybrid Nursing Program based in Wheeling, WV!

Wheeling Online/Hybrid Nursing Program Highlight

This new and exciting program caters to those in Wheeling and the surrounding areas by allowing student nurses to complete didactic classes online, combined with lab and clinical experiences at regional hospitals. Keep reading to discover if this new WVJC School of Nursing program is for you! 

Benefits of an Online/Hybrid Nursing Program

Choosing to attend an online/hybrid nursing training program has many benefits, including increased flexibility to balance family, work, and college. The WVJC School of Nursing training program is designed to allow students to meet their educational and career goals while maintaining their personal and professional lives. The online/hybrid modality allows students to complete didactic classes virtually and attend lab and clinical experiences at WVU Medicine’s Wheeling and Reynolds Hospitals or WVJC’s Mobile Nursing Lab

Student nurses in a WVJC School of Nursing program can expect a quality education in an environment that supports them. Through a combination of virtual lectures, interactive assignments, online peer discussions, in-person lab experiences, and real-world clinical rotations, students will gain a robust understanding of the nursing profession and be prepared to start their careers in the field in two years or less. 

The WVJC School of Nursing is dedicated to supporting the next generation of nurses. By providing individualized support and guidance throughout the educational process, WVJC graduates will enter the workforce feeling confident in the skills and knowledge they have learned. 

What You’ll Learn

In WVJC School of Nursing’s online/hybrid program, students in the Wheeling, West Virginia area will be equipped with a wide range of skills that local hospitals need. You’ll gain valuable knowledge in topics such as pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, patient care, the nursing process, medical terminology, and more. Additionally, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and practice your communication and interpersonal skills. 

During the 18-month online/hybrid nursing training program, nursing students will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through simulation labs and clinical rotations at WVU Medicine’s Wheeling and Reynolds Memorial Hospitals or one of the WVJC Mobile Nursing Labs. Under the guidance of skilled instructors and working professional nurses, students will put knowledge into practice to enhance their learning experience. These experiences help them gain the confidence necessary to thrive as nurses in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

Start A Nursing Career In Less Time

One of the most appealing aspects of WVJC’s new Online/Hybrid Nursing program is the accelerated and direct admission approach, which allows students to complete their nursing training in less time than a traditional nursing school. This benefit will enable students to start their careers sooner and save time and money. With WVJC’s Online/Hybrid Nursing program, you can complete your college courses and be prepared to sit for your NCLEX-RN in as little as 18 months. 

In addition to being completed in an accelerated format, the WVJC School of Nursing program is also direct admission. This means that once a student is accepted into the Nursing program, they will begin taking nursing-related courses immediately, allowing them to avoid spending years in prerequisite courses only to find out later that they are not accepted into nursing school. 

The value of nursing education cannot be overstated. WVJC School of Nursing is committed to preparing the next generation of nurses with the knowledge and skills to serve their communities. Preparation for the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) certification* exam is incorporated directly into the curriculum of the WVJC Online/Hybrid Nursing program. The NCLEX-RN exam is a comprehensive test that measures the nurse’s knowledge and skills in nursing. WVJC online/hybrid nursing students receive comprehensive preparation for the exam.

Start Your Nursing Education in 2024!

Are you a resident of Wheeling, WV, or the surrounding area and want a nursing program that fits your life? Look no further than WVJC School of Nursing’s new Wheeling Online/Hybrid Nursing program! 

Our admissions team is currently accepting applications for the online/hybrid nursing class starting in September 2024. Get started today by contacting our nursing admissions team at 877-25ONLINE or by Requesting Information!

*Passing the NCLEX-RN exam is required to become a Registered Nurse.