WVJC’s Favorite Christmas Carols

As the magic of the holiday season settles into our senses, the chilly air smells of fresh baked goods, multi-colored lights twinkle on rooftops, and the sounds of holiday cheer fill the air. Christmas carols are a staple part of what makes the holiday season festive, and every individual has their favorite songs that become the background of their celebrations year after year. WVJC’s Favorite Christmas Carols

From classics to contemporary hits, our WVJC students and staff share their favorite Christmas carols and the meaning behind them! 

Madison Criss, WVJC Bridgeport Dental Assisting Student

Madison’s favorite carol is the classic Jingle Bells! A great choice for a favorite, it is a staple song you’ll hear throughout the holiday season, complete with catchy lyrics to tell the story of the excitement of a snow day in the 1950’s. 

Jodi Adkins, WVJC Beckley Nursing Student

For Jodi, the song Hallelujah by Pentatonix brings a sense of peace and calmness. She loves this song because of its message: to simply praise joyously, and because “it brings a good feeling to my heart,” she says. This acapella version of the classic carol was released in 2016 and quickly rose to popularity– for good reason!

Miranda Bradley, WVJC Huntington Nursing Student

Miranda’s choice for a holiday tune is the classic Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer because of how fun it is! This festive song features a fun story about the beloved Rudolph. It is a perfect melody for adults and children alike. Miranda loves it because her kids love it!

Cynthia Hudson, WVJC Charleston Nursing Student

For Cynthia, the holiday season is about more than just gift-giving. Instead, treating people with compassion, love, and empathy is important. Her favorite carol is The Christmas Shoes by NewSong. The emotional lyrics serve as a reminder for her that “you can’t hold on to the past because tomorrow isn’t promised,” Cynthia said.

Courtney Burkhamer, WVJC Huntington Nursing Student

Courtney’s preferred festive tune is a true classic– A Holly Jolly Christmas! This song was initially released in 1962 by Johnny Marks but has since been remixed and performed by countless artists, including Michael Bublé, Scotty McCreery, Burl Ives, Dolly Parton, and so many more! Listening to this song is sure to get anybody into the holiday spirit.

Moriah Childers, WVJC Charleston Clinical Medical Assistant Student

When you think of contemporary Christmas music, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You is dubbed one of the unofficial anthems of the holiday season. This song is Moriah’s favorite for the Christmas season because she loves Mariah Carey’s voice in the song. 

Shane Hammack, WVJC Online Cybersecurity Student

Shane’s favorite holiday classic is B.E. Taylor’s rendition of Mary Did You Know because it reminds him of how precious life is. He says, “You never know what you have in life or how you can impact others.”

Schannon Dennison, WVJC Online Business Administration/Human Resources Student

A song that holds a special place in Schannon’s heart is Christmas Carol by Skip Ewing. The song is about a young girl whose birthday is on Christmas Day and gets adopted by a mall Santa. She says this sweet song just strikes emotion in her, for good reason!  

Hailea Dewitt, WVJC Nursing Admissions Team Member

The memories of previous Christmasses are part of what makes a certain song so special, which is also true in Hailea’s case. Her favorite Christmas carol, Silent Night, reminds her of her grandma. She also loves it because “it is a beautiful song.”

WVJC Wishes You A Happy Holiday Season!

We hope your holiday season is filled with good cheer, good company, good food, and all of the things that make Christmas special! 

What is your favorite Christmas carol? Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram post, and let us know!