WVJC’s Tips For Entering The New Year

Tips To Help You Start The New Year Off Right!

We wrapped up 2022 and have moved into the New Year. Make sure to take some time to reflect on the past year. Recognize the things you accomplished, the goals you fell short of, and the people there for you. Going into 2023, make sure your resolutions set you up for success and strive to meet your new goals. Nearly any career field you pursue will require you to have a level of professionalism and the ability to communicate.

WVJCs Tips For Entering The New Year | WVJC

It is essential to keep this in mind when we celebrate holidays with friends and families. Here are a few tips that may be helpful down the road.

  • Don’t post pictures that could be deemed inappropriate
  • Keep your social media pages private
  • Don’t post insensitive content
  • Be mindful of who may see your posts

Why is all of this important? In today’s world, a simple Google search with your name, city, and state can discover everything about you. If you are applying for jobs, your employer will likely glance at your social media pages. If another person applies for the job, keep their social media professional, and avoid content that may upset some people. If you fail to do those things, the chances of them getting the position over you are much more likely. Of course, nobody can control what you do or don’t post on your social media pages.

As we kick off the New Year, we challenge you to be the absolute best version of yourself. Following these tips will hopefully prevent you from not getting a job due to your social media posts. It is easy to post your pictures at the moment or get into a heated argument over politics or religion. But before you do that, take a few minutes and think of any potential impact from your post and comment. Then, weigh what could happen against what result would your post or comment even has. Would it change someone’s mind? Would it make someone like you more? Or is it just for your pride and to prove a point? If it is the latter, it is best to watch some Netflix instead of engaging. Make smart choices and avoid anything that could prevent you from getting that dream job that you have always wanted! Happy New Year from your WVJC family!

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