Zach Brooks – Student Success Story

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Zach Brooks

Zach Brooks celebrated his graduation from WVJC Online this February. Excitement courses through him as he reflects on achieving multiple milestones. Notably, his joy is heightened by the anticipation of entering a career aligned with his academic pursuits. Having enrolled at WVJC Online without prior college experience, Zach’s journey into higher education became transformative. With a high school Advanced Placement class background, he explored pharmacy as a potential career, ultimately finding resonance with WVJC Online’s Pharmacy Technician program. Enjoying the program’s flexibility and the support of dedicated faculty, Zach thrived during clinicals and an impactful externship. His efforts culminated with a job offer from his externship site, affirming his competence and dedication. Poised on the brink of graduation, Zach’s story exemplifies the tangible rewards of passion, perseverance, and the right educational environment.
Zach Brooks - Student Success Story
Zach’s journey into higher education began uniquely, as he had never set foot in a college before enrolling at WVJC Online. His academic background consisted of Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school, although he opted not to take the corresponding exams. As Zach approached the culmination of his high school years, post-graduation uncertainty loomed over him. Conversations around him sparked an interest in pharmacy as a potential career path, and this resonated with Zach’s childhood aspiration to enter the medical field without being on the front lines, such as in nursing.

Delving into pharmacy, Zach discovered a passion that propelled him toward WVJC. The institution’s Pharmacy Technician program aligned seamlessly with his skills and abilities. One aspect that particularly appealed to Zach was the flexibility of doing homework any time during the week, accommodating his work schedule. The supportive and helpful faculty at WVJC, including his program director Jamie McGuire, played a crucial role in Zach’s educational journey. He found joy in the hands-on learning offered during clinicals, an experience that significantly contributed to preparing him for his eventual externship.

Zach’s externship proved to be a transformative period, where he garnered valuable insights and skills. On the penultimate day of this practical training, he received an unexpected offer in the supervisor’s office – a job placement. Grateful for the recognition of his compatibility with the existing team, Zach eagerly accepted the position, especially since it aligned with his desire to work in a hospital pharmacy setting.

Now gainfully employed, Zach’s immediate goal is accumulating as many working hours as possible while contemplating furthering his education. His aspirations include pursuing pharmacy school at West Virginia University (WVU) and obtaining a pharmacist certification. Reflecting on his journey over the past year and a half, Zach expresses awe at the rapid acquisition of knowledge and its tangible application in the real world.

In a testament to his positive experience at WVJC, Zach has become an advocate for the institution, recommending it to friends from high school who express an interest in programs offered, particularly nursing. Beyond his academic pursuits, Zach embraces his competitive side as a devoted gamer, citing “RUST” as his favorite game – a player-versus-player (PVP) survival game with the ultimate objective of being the last person standing.

As Zach navigates this exciting phase, he is an inspiring example of how dedication, passion, and the right educational environment can propel individuals toward fulfilling careers and personal growth. His journey at WVJC not only culminates in graduation but opens doors to a promising future in the field he loves.

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