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At WVJC, we understand that every student’s journey is unique. Whether you prefer attending classes in person, the flexibility of online learning, or a hybrid approach that combines both, we have you covered.

Our residential programs provide immersive learning experiences on campus, while our online programs allow students to pursue their education from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, our online/hybrid programs offer the best of both worlds, combining virtual and remote campus location components. Whatever your aspirations may be, WVJC is committed to empowering you to achieve your academic and career goals.

Most recently, WVJC has introduced online hybrid Nursing programs across West Virginia where we are collaborating with hospitals to have student nurses complete lab and clinical components in their facilities, allowing nursing students to have a smooth transition from student to nursing professional. Supplemental lab training is also provided by one of WVJC’s Mobile Nursing Labs (MNL).

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Jacalyn Maine – Graduate Highlight

July 17, 2024 | WVJC Staff

Meet Medical Assisting Graduate Jacalyn Maine Before enrolling at WVJC Online, Jacalyn Maine had previously attended another college but did...

Nursing Simulation Lab Experience

| WVJC Staff

Our dedicated nursing students had a fantastic hands-on learning experience, practicing their skills in a dynamic, real-world setting. Students engaged...

Admissions and Financial Aid

At WVJC, we have a variety of college degree and diploma programs that can give you the skills and hands-on training desired by employers. Our experienced instructors in Morgantown, Bridgeport, and Charleston, and those who facilitate our online course offerings, will provide the knowledge and career readiness you’ll need to excel in your chosen field.

WVJC offers accelerated career training in a setting that works with your busy life. We understand the challenges that life can throw your way, which is why WVJC offers instruction at three campuses across West Virginia and online degree programs for students in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and surrounding states.

Whether you pursue your career in person or online, we believe in promoting hands-on training, individualized instruction, and career readiness for our students. If you’re a recent high school graduate or someone looking to receive training to help you advance or change your career, our student-focused courses can help you succeed. Choose WVJC if you’re considering career training and technical schools in West Virginia or a surrounding state!

Now is the right time to change your life for yourself and those who depend on you. Discover how WVJC supports you during the transition to becoming a college student by visiting our admissions and financial aid information page.

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Campus graduates and graduates from online degree programs in WV, PA, OH, MD, KY, and VA!
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Scholarship Information

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