Madison Criss – Student Highlight

Meet Dental Assisting Student Madison Criss Madison Criss, an aspiring dental assistant currently navigating the intricacies of the diploma program, stands at the crossroads of a transformative educational journey that traverses the landscapes of academic challenges, resilience, and newfound passion. Madison faced academic challenges at the first school she attended. Despite fervent efforts, the elusive … Read more

Sheena Pack – Staff Highlight

West Virginia Junior College Admissions Manager Sheena Pack grew up in the Cross Lanes area and is now an integral part of the WVJC Admissions Team at the Cross Lanes campus. Helping students connect to the Nursing program and navigate the enrollment process is one of her favorite parts of her job. She brings charisma … Read more

Information Technology – Program Highlight

Can you picture yourself performing a variety of tasks like PC repair and information security in your future career? Information Technology may be the perfect career choice for you! Learn Skills like Cisco technology, Protection of confidential information, LAN and WAN technologies, Network and server administration, PC repair, Switching and routing, Command line interfaces, and … Read more

Chloe Henline – Student Highlight

Meet Online Cybersecurity Student Chloe Henline Chloe Henline briefly attended another college before realizing that continuing her education was not the right path for her at the time. She took her education seriously and wanted to avoid accumulating loan debt if she could not see herself completing a degree. In her hometown, Chloe is a … Read more

Thankful For Our Students

As 2023 quickly draws to a close, WVJC would like to take a moment to acknowledge the achievements of our students this year. The WVJC team across our Morgantown, Charleston, Bridgeport, and Online campuses are all dedicated to the success of our students along their educational journey. We are thankful to have been trusted with … Read more

What Our WVJC Charleston Students Are Thankful For

November is here, and that, as you know, means Thanksgiving! We asked the students, faculty, and staff of WVJC Charleston what they were most thankful for this year. Our students happily count their blessings, from coffee to family until the big holiday arrives. With over 100 years of preparing our students for careers in high-demand … Read more

What Our WVJC Morgantown Students Are Thankful For

Here at WVJC, we asked some students what they’re thankful for this year, and here is what they said! We dove into the hearts and minds of students to uncover the profound expressions of gratitude from friends and family that shape their educational journeys and lives. Discover the power of gratitude in fostering a positive … Read more

Stephanie Charnoplosky – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Office Administration Student Stephanie Charnoplosky Stephanie Charnoplosky’s journey in higher education took a turn when she attended another university from 2006 to 2007. She felt like just another face in the crowd, a mere number in a sea of students. It was an experience that left her wanting something more. Fast forward to … Read more