Medical Assisting Students Perform Venipuncture Techniques

West Virginia Junior College provides students with access to accelerated, hands-on training. Students enjoy lab time in smaller classes and more one-on-one time with the instructor. Chelsea, the Clinical Medical Assisting Director at WVJC, is showing her class, through demonstration, how to perform venipuncture with a butterfly needle. This guidance and class structure helps prepare … Read more

Medical Assisting Hand Washing Lab

Hands-On Lab – Hand Washing Join WVJC medical assisting students as they participate in hands-on labs, gaining the essential skills for their future careers! In our program, students engage in practical labs where they learn and practice procedures with their peers under the guidance of experienced instructors. This hands-on training is crucial for mastering the … Read more

Measuring Oxygen Saturation Demonstration

Hands-On Skills – Measuring Oxygen Saturation West Virginia Junior College’s accelerated associate degree in Clinical Medical Assistant program provides valuable in-lab, hands-on training to our students. Watch as student Alexia demonstrates how to measure oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. Medical assisting students at WVJC enjoy smaller classes, one-on-one instructional opportunities, and hands-on learning. They … Read more

WVJC Online Pharm Tech Clinical Sessions

Students enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician program at WVJC Online participate in clinical sessions held at the Pharmacy Technician Lab on the Morgantown campus. Clinical experience is vital to the education of our students. It helps to provide a hands-on learning experience where they can ask questions and learn essential skills for their future roles … Read more

Practical Nursing Simulation Lab

The recent simulation lab experience at our WVJC Bridgeport campus was a pivotal learning opportunity for our practical nursing students. Students delved into essential nursing skills in this dynamic setting, including blood draws, vital signs assessment, IV administration, and blood pressure monitoring. Experienced faculty members guide the simulation labs. Students engage with cutting-edge healthcare mannequins, … Read more

Sterilization Wrapping Demonstration

WVJC Medical Assisting Program Director Chelsea walks her lab class through one of the proper sterilization wrapping options in this demonstration. Medical Assisting is offered in 9, 12, and 18-month program options at the Charleston campus. Small class settings with hands-on learning provide students the opportunity to ask questions directly to the instructor as well … Read more

Clinical Medical Assistant Skills

Students enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at West Virginia Junior College participate in clinical sessions held at the Medical Assisting Lab at the Morgantown campus. Clinical experience is critical to the education of our students. It helps to provide a hands-on learning experience where they can ask questions and learn vital skills to their future roles as medical … Read more

5 Essential Soft Skills for Employment

It is no secret that employers require specific skills, certifications, and degrees when hiring for open positions. However, applicants and employees often forget that soft skills are just as important! Soft skills are a variety of skills that allow you to interact and work with others. They typically apply to all professions and are necessary … Read more

WVJC Is Here To Help You Understand Cybersecurity

You’ve probably heard about the rapidly-growing cybersecurity industry. Still, many people do not fully understand the impact of good online practices on everyday life. WVJC is here to help you better understand cybersecurity and why it matters! Continue reading to discover the importance of cybersecurity, how cybersecurity can affect your life, and stay informed about … Read more