Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting Hand Washing Lab

Hands-On Lab – Hand Washing Join WVJC medical assisting students as they participate in hands-on labs, gaining the essential skills for their future careers! In our program, students engage in practical labs where they learn and practice procedures with their peers under the guidance of experienced instructors. This hands-on training is crucial for mastering the … Read more

Measuring Oxygen Saturation Demonstration

Hands-On Skills – Measuring Oxygen Saturation West Virginia Junior College’s accelerated associate degree in Clinical Medical Assistant program provides valuable in-lab, hands-on training to our students. Watch as student Alexia demonstrates how to measure oxygen saturation using a pulse oximeter. Medical assisting students at WVJC enjoy smaller classes, one-on-one instructional opportunities, and hands-on learning. They … Read more

Hubie Bland – Medical Assisting Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student Hubie Bland Hubie Bland’s journey began at Glenville State College before he transitioned to enrolling at WVJC. Embracing a blend of on-campus classes and online coursework, his time at the institution proved deeply fulfilling. A seasoned individual with diverse professional experiences, including a 20-year tenure as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer … Read more

Medical Assisting Student Chasity Bailey

Watch as medical assisting student Chasity Bailey discusses her favorite parts of WVJC. Taking the 18-month Clinical Medical Assistant program associate degree route, Chasity enjoys her one-on-one time in the classroom and the attentiveness of a small classroom environment. The hands-on learning environments at WVJC allow students to learn by doing before getting started in … Read more

Renata Pac – Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student Renata Pac Are you considering a career change or furthering your education? Let Renata Pac’s journey to West Virginia Junior College (WVJC) inspire you. Here’s a glimpse into her experience. Renata completed her bachelor’s degree in Management and Enterprise in Poland, laying a solid foundation for her future endeavors. Despite this … Read more

Clinical Medical Assistant Skills

Students enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at West Virginia Junior College participate in clinical sessions held at the Medical Assisting Lab at the Morgantown campus. Clinical experience is critical to the education of our students. It helps to provide a hands-on learning experience where they can ask questions and learn vital skills to their future roles as medical … Read more

Celebrating National Medical Assistants Day!

Today, October 18th, 2023, is National Medical Assistants Day, and WVJC is here to show our appreciation for all that medical assistants do! We will explain the job duties of a medical assistant and why they are essential members of the healthcare team. Read on to learn more about these healthcare heroes! What Is A … Read more

Medical Assisting – Blood Pressure Lab

Hands-on experience is a big part of our Clinical Medical Assistant program at WVJC Bridgeport. Our students are trained in an environment where they can regularly use their new career skills throughout the program. Watch as students work with their instructor, Jenna Camden, and each other to practice taking blood pressure readings. To start your … Read more

Medical Assisting: Procedures in the Lab

Watch WVJC medical assisting students demonstrate how to draw the medication into a syringe. The lab classes at WVJC allow students to access small classroom environments with loads of hands-on training. Our accelerated programs help our students step into their careers ready to go. Our Clinical Medical Assistant program is available in 9, 12, and … Read more

Medical Assisting Hand Washing Demonstration

Hands-on learning is a big draw for the WVJC Clinical Medical Assistant program. Our students thrive in an environment where they can use their new career skill sets regularly. As part of the degree program, a general education requirement students take is an effective communication course. Watch as medical assisting student Mia demonstrates how to … Read more