Hubie Bland – Medical Assisting Student Highlight

Meet Medical Assisting Student Hubie Bland

Hubie Bland - Medical Assisting Student HighlightHubie Bland’s journey began at Glenville State College before he transitioned to enrolling at WVJC. Embracing a blend of on-campus classes and online coursework, his time at the institution proved deeply fulfilling. A seasoned individual with diverse professional experiences, including a 20-year tenure as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Bureau of Prisons, Hubie wore many hats in his career, from Realtor to insurance salesman, home inspector to substitute bus driver, and even a referee for high school sports.

Hubie solidified his decision to pursue his education at WVJC after a campus visit left a lasting impression. Hubie found solace in the intimate environment, relishing the personal treatment afforded to him, transcending the mere student label. The accessibility of resources and the conducive student-teacher ratio fostered an environment where learning flourished. He realized that WVJC’s philosophy was not geared toward setting students up for failure but equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed.

Hubie found his calling in aiding and engaging with people by opting for the 12-month Medical Assisting program with additional certifications in phlebotomy and EKG. His affinity for interpersonal interaction aligned seamlessly with his career aspirations. The prospect of contributing to the medical field resonated deeply, offering a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Among the highlights of Hubie’s WVJC experience were the rich and diverse interactions with fellow students. The enthusiasm and innovative thinking of the younger generation enhanced his educational journey. Engaging with these bright minds sparked lively discussions, offering Hubie new insights and challenging his preconceptions.

Conversely, Hubie’s wealth of life experiences served as a valuable resource within the student community. His extensive background as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and his myriad professional roles provided a unique perspective that enriched classroom discussions and group projects. Whether sharing anecdotes from his career or offering practical advice gleaned from years of real-world experience, Hubie’s contributions were met with eager receptivity by his peers.

This knowledge exchange and assistance formed the cornerstone of Hubie’s interactions with his fellow students. In an environment where diversity of thought was celebrated, individuals from varying walks of life came together to learn and grow. Hubie deepened his understanding through this reciprocal exchange and empowered his peers to navigate challenges with newfound confidence.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, these connections blossomed into meaningful friendships built on mutual respect and shared aspirations. Together, Hubie and his peers formed a supportive network, rallying around each other in times of need and celebrating big and small victories. In this collaborative environment, age and background faded into insignificance, replaced by a shared commitment to personal and collective growth.

Two exceptional educators, Jenna Camden and Allie Yoho, were central to Hubie’s educational journey. Their unwavering support and expertise were instrumental in navigating academic challenges, with both teachers demonstrating unparalleled dedication, even extending their assistance beyond conventional classroom hours. Anticipation bubbled within Hubie as he looked forward to the hands-on learning experiences promised by lab classes. While appreciating the theoretical groundwork laid in lectures, he recognized the irreplaceable value of practical application in genuinely understanding the nuances of his chosen field.

As a disabled veteran, Hubie harbored a deep-seated desire to contribute to the welfare of his fellow veterans. He envisions a career at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg. His aspiration to pay forward the assistance he had received underscores his altruistic intentions and fuels his drive to make a meaningful impact.

Reflecting on his journey, Hubie wholeheartedly recommended WVJC to prospective students, extolling the virtues of its unique learning model, personalized attention, and supportive faculty. He emphasized the importance of diligence and effort in achieving success, urging individuals to seize opportunities and make the most of their educational endeavors. With graduation on the horizon, Hubie’s confidence in WVJC’s preparation for the future was unwavering. The knowledge and skills acquired during his time at the institution broadened his understanding of the medical field. They equipped him with the tools necessary to excel in any professional setting he chose to pursue post-graduation.

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