Nyles Riggs – Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Nyles Riggs

Nyles Riggs - Nursing StudentNyles Riggs embarked on his academic journey at another institution, where he encountered the initial challenges of building rapport with professors. Despite his efforts, forming meaningful connections proved elusive. Seeking a more conducive learning environment, Nyles transitioned to a smaller career center, where he completed his education, laying the foundation for his entry into the healthcare sector. Before stepping into the halls of WVJC, Nyles dedicated two years to working in the operating room at Ruby, gaining invaluable hands-on experience and insights into the healthcare realm. 

The pivotal decision Nyles made to enroll at WVJC was driven by its renowned accelerated Nursing program, tailored to suit his demanding schedule. His passion for nursing burgeoned from his firsthand encounters with dedicated healthcare professionals, igniting a genuine desire to pursue a career in nursing and make a tangible difference in patients’ lives.

Within the nurturing environment of WVJC, Nyles flourished, buoyed by a supportive community that facilitated his growth. Here, amidst like-minded peers, dedicated instructors, and insightful clinical mentors, he forged enduring connections that enriched his educational journey. Among these influential figures, one stood out: Cathy Dewitt. Her remarkable teaching abilities transcended the conventional, effortlessly unraveling intricate concepts and infusing classes with an infectious energy that inspired curiosity and participation. Through her guidance, Nyles gained a deeper understanding of academic material and cultivated essential skills vital for his professional development. Cathy’s impact on Nyles was profound, leaving an indelible mark that would continue to shape his path long after his time at WVJC.

With fervent anticipation, Nyles eagerly awaited the opportunity to immerse himself in mental health and critical care courses, driven by a profound desire to delve into the intricate layers of patient care. To him, nursing wasn’t just about administering treatments; it represented a holistic paradigm of healthcare. He envisioned a collaborative approach, working alongside fellow professionals to foster patients’ holistic well-being. His overarching aspiration was to craft a narrative of care and compassion, weaving together intricate threads of empathy and expertise to leave an indelible mark on the lives of those under his care.

As Nyles gazes toward the horizon of his future, he envisages a path leading to the attainment of his RN to BSN, a milestone that marks the commencement of his journey towards a fulfilling career. With aspirations firmly anchored in the healthcare domain, he envisions himself navigating the dynamic landscapes of the operating room or the bustling corridors of the emergency department, where he can apply his skills and expertise to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients. Yet, Nyles’ dreams extend beyond the confines of professional aspirations. An avid traveler at heart, he harbors a profound wanderlust, yearning to traverse the globe and immerse himself in the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and landscapes.

Reflecting on his experience at WVJC, Nyles wholeheartedly endorses the institution to prospective students, extolling its unique blend of accelerated learning and flexible scheduling, which facilitates a harmonious balance between academic pursuits and personal commitments. To incoming students, Nyles imparts invaluable advice, stressing the importance of diligence and attentiveness in navigating the rigorous demands of the program.

WVJC’s holistic approach to nursing education, characterized by immersive simulation labs and enriching clinical rotations, has equipped Nyles with the requisite skills and knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare. Moreover, it has broadened his horizons, exposing him to a plethora of career opportunities within the nursing profession and instilling confidence and fortitude as he embarks on his journey to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. We wish Nyles all the best on his graduation from the program in March and wish nothing but the best for his future career! Embark on your nursing journey by requesting information from WVJC today!