Schannon Dennison – Student Highlight

Meet Schannon Dennison,
HR Student Highlight

Schannon Dennison - Student HighlightStraight out of High School in 1991, nothing would do for Schannon Dennison but to go to WVU. She had high hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist. From the first night, she hated being there and was so homesick. Schannon finished that semester and enrolled at Glenville State, changing her major to nursing. That lasted another three semesters before she quit to marry her high school sweetheart and had two amazing kids.

Schannon Dennison worked for the USPS for nearly twenty years. She enjoyed her job until she hurt her back and had repeating issues. Schannon decided that her health was more important than a paycheck, so she parted ways with the Postal Service. Shannon soon realized that no matter how good she was at any particular job, she would never get one that paid her what her skills and knowledge were worth unless she had that valuable piece of paper. 

Schannon Dennison chose WVJC Online because she liked the fact that it is an in-state college. Even though it’s not for her, Schannon knew that she could do more than just video chat with someone if she needed help, so she is not missing out on that one-on-one and face-to-face experience altogether.

Schannon chose Business Administration and Human Resources (BA/HR) because she likes helping people. She is a people person, and Schannon wanted to find that one career path that would lead her down the best path to do that. Schannon would also like to be able to work from home or at least in a hybrid setting.

When asked about her favorite part about attending WVJC, Schannon knows most people will give the standard answer of “flexibility,” but “that really is a huge selling point when folks like her are considering going back to school. Even though she is afforded a lot of support from a wonderful partner and does not work, Schannon is still very busy. She does her best thinking and productivity in the morning hours, and that leaves her afternoons for appointments, house cleaning, and whatever else pops up throughout her day. For that, she is very grateful.

Schannon Dennison said she has a 3-way answer to the question of who she would say is her favorite teacher. Dustin Blankenship, the business programs director, is someone  Schannon Dennison can say with a wide smile is her favorite; Jon Ream and Renee Rieke are not far behind him. Sam Dobson also makes her list. She loves his sense of humor and quirkiness. Dustin, Schannon feels, had taken her under his wing and been a constant supporter when she needed some help or encouragement. Since her major is HR, Jon has been her instructor for the biggest part of her classes. He’s “Johnny on the spot,” no pun intended. When she had any questions, she had a lot! Renee blew Schannon’s mind when it came to spreadsheets and she was so much help. Schannon just cannot say enough good things about any of these people that have forever impacted her life.

Schannon Dennison is currently doing two externships. The first is with Erika Kolenich, who is running on the Libertarian ticket for Governor. The other is with Whitney Wright at Mountaineer Food Bank, where her position will be to assist her in organizing a conference at Stonewall Resort. She is really looking forward to getting involved in both of these externships and absorbing as much knowledge and experience as possible.

In five years, Schannon hopes to continue to be healthy and happy. Those seem like simple answers, and they are, she said, but it’s achieving those two little things that will make everything else fall into place. God has always supplied her with what she needs when she needs it and will continue to do so in the next 5-10-15-20 years. These steps are just Schannon doing her part to achieve that.

When asked if she would recommend WVJC to a friend, Schannon said that, as a matter of fact, a waitress she had at her local Mexican Restaurant the other night was saying WVJC is where she is choosing to attend when she graduates High School. She likes the idea of becoming a nurse in 18 months instead of 4 years so she can live her dreams faster. Shannon told her she had made a fantastic choice, that everyone she has come into contact with is so helpful, and that at WVJC, you aren’t a number or face on a screen; they care more than the average teacher or faculty at other places.

Schannon is pretty much an open book. There are things people don’t know about her, but that’s because they haven’t had the time to get to know her. All her fun facts are right out there for everyone to see.

Meeting Dustin Blankenship was her favorite memory with WVJC because she found out they come from the same ancestry. We are both direct descendants of Ephraim “Big “ph” Hat”ield, father of William Anderson “Devi” Anse” Hat”ield. 

Every once in a while, there are things Schannon has trouble expressing in words the self-gratification that this educational opportunity has given her. Schannon has moved from trying to make her parents proud of her to making her kids proud of her, and now Schannon is just proud of herself!

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