At WVJC, students come first!

At West Virginia Junior College, our goal is to equip students on campus and online with the tools they need to secure a position in a career they love! We understand that achieving this goal requires more than just providing quality career-focused training in the classroom. Our academic team works diligently with each student to provide resources and support to enhance their experience here. We provide individualized attention to each of our students through our small classrooms and teacher to student ratio. WVJC administration and program directors will work side by side with their students to provide academic support. We have systems and staff in place that provide you the support you need to succeed.

“The teachers and staff have been amazing and super supportive throughout this journey.”

– Karly Pry, WVJC Student

Academic Advising

You can count on our academic team to provide the resources you need to be a successful student. Because our campuses and online classes are small and personalized, the campus president, academic dean and instructors are all available to provide academic advising.

The academic team assists students by:

  • Informing students about campus services, programs, courses, and programmatic competencies
  • Developing academic plans to aid in achievement of academic goals
  • Acquiring information about program related certifications
  • Identifying student success strategies which will assist in preparation and course completion
  • Providing program and course related academic advising to develop skills and competencies

The WVJC academic team puts time and effort into customizing the educational experience for their students. Each faculty member, technical support analyst, career management director, program director, and administrator will assist you in achieving your academic and professional goals.

Career Advising

Choosing a career is an important life decision and one that will influence your feelings of fulfillment and happiness. We encourage you to take this decision seriously by exploring your personal interests, abilities, personality, and work values when evaluating appropriate career choices. Prior to enrolling you will sit down with an admissions representative for a career planning session where you explore your goals and opportunities. Upon graduation, our Career Management Director will assist you in obtaining a position in the career field you enjoy. Career advising, job search assistance, and all of our other career management services are available to our alumni as well. Career advising can be useful for individuals who:

  • Do not know what career field they would like to enter
  • Are having trouble deciding on a field of study
  • Want to confirm a career choice that they have already made

Personal Advising

We understand that life sometimes presents challenges in our personal lives that can affect our ability to achieve educational and career goals. The small, personalized atmosphere on our campuses and in our online classes allows for individual advising so that you can make the most of your time at West Virginia Junior College. WVJC works with each student individually through barriers that may impact educational and professional goals. Personal advising provides students with resources, problem-solving techniques, and strategies to assist in navigating areas of concern. WVJC provides assistance in areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Resources to help remedy transportation issues
  • Resources and information to assist with the student’s search of child care
  • Time management strategies to assist the student in balancing work, home, and school life

If a student requires other types of assistance not provided by WVJC, such as drug and alcohol abuse, family crisis, etc., we have information and references for community based services that can more appropriately assist them.

“I love how small the classes are and I love all the teachers. They care so much about your success and push you to do great things!” – Jenna Thomas, WVJC Student

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Scholarship Information

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