WVJC Morgantown

WVJC Morgantown Nursing
Pinning Ceremony

Morgantown Nursing Pinning Celebration The Nursing Pinning Ceremony is a momentous occasion as we celebrate the incredible journey of the WVJC nursing students who graduated and received their pins on April 27th, 2024! 🎉 These students poured their hearts and souls into their education, dedicating countless hours to study and embracing every challenging moment of … Read more

Morgantown High School Visits WVJC

WVJC hosted students from Morgantown High School! This visit was designed to help students familiarize themselves with the Morgantown campus and get the necessary information about the programs offered by WVJC Online! This was a valuable opportunity for students who may have needed to see the facility before they made a college decision. The students … Read more

Cody Everson – Student Highlight

Meet Morgantown Nursing Student Cody Everson Cody Everson’s educational journey began at another institution, where he initially embarked on his academic pursuits. While he found his time largely positive, he felt a lack of personalized support from tutors or instructors. However, his professional journey took an intriguing turn when he transitioned to the Rockefeller Neuroscience … Read more

Nyles Riggs – Student Highlight

Meet Nursing Student Nyles Riggs Nyles Riggs embarked on his academic journey at another institution, where he encountered the initial challenges of building rapport with professors. Despite his efforts, forming meaningful connections proved elusive. Seeking a more conducive learning environment, Nyles transitioned to a smaller career center, where he completed his education, laying the foundation … Read more

Get To Know Samantha Esposito, WVJC Morgantown & Online Campus President!

Meet Samantha Esposito, Campus President for WVJC Morgantown & WVJC Online! As a WVJC student, whether online or on campus, you’ll develop strong connections with our staff and be supported by a committed team of professionals who’ll be there every step of your educational journey. These support systems include the admissions team, career management team, … Read more

Information Technology – Program Highlight

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of technology through the WVJC’s vibrant Information Technology program! Designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape, our curriculum spans a broad spectrum – from mastering coding languages to understanding intricate networking systems. At WVJC, we’re not … Read more

WVJC Morgantown High School Day

WVJC extends a warm invitation to local high schools, showcasing the myriad opportunities it provides to prospective high school graduates in the community. Engaging with lab instructors, students gained insights into the diverse programs offered at WVJC, delving into the unique offerings of each discipline. The interactive session allowed students to acquire hands-on experience and … Read more